Fri Mar 6, 2009
Ciao Bella!
Half Term!!! That's what they call the break that happens six weeks into the spring semester over here in London. I guess it was my "spring break" since we only have another six weeks of study left now. Anyway, for my "spring break/half-term" I went to Rome with Emily. It was the trip of a lifetime! I don't think I will ever forget walking through the Coliseum and climbing through ancient Greek ruins. Did you know that there were palm trees and orange trees in Rome? Because I didn't and it totally surprised me when we got there and I saw them all around.

We stayed at a student hostel and the hostel owner thought I spoke Italian because I asked him for more blankets in Italian (with the help of a phrase book and English-Italian dictionary). So for the entire trip he was speaking to me in Italian! I just nodded and pretended to know what he was saying most of the time. Ha ha.

Our friend Billy met up with us in Rome and we all explored the city together on Friday and Saturday. Billy was at one point dating my roomie and was for a while part of the love octagons between people in my program! He's cool now, though, now that he's gotten that out of his system. He actually confided in me while we were in Rome and told me he was vulnerable and lonely-ish during the start of the program, being so far away from home and all. He said that's why he was so girl crazy. It's nice to know that even boys are sensitive and have emotions like us girls.

The weather in Rome was beautiful, making it hard to be back in rainy cold London, but at the same time it's nice to be back in my own bed!

Ciao Bellas! :)
Xx Lindsey

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