Fri Feb 27, 2009
Lindsey's First Solo Party!
I am so excited right now! My friend Sara and I woke up super early today and rushed over to the box office for Spring Awakening, a new musical, and we got free on-stage seating tickets!! Eight of them! So we get to bring everyone along. I saw it in NYC but I didn't get to sit on stage! Ahh yay! I can't wait for tonight. We all should really be staying in and studying for our midterms, which are this week, but we can't pass up on-stage free seating. I will finish this entry when I get back from the show...

The show was amazing. Being that close to the performers was unbelievable and it was even more awesome that tonight was a girls' night out. I went with the girlfriends I've made in my program... Just us girls. It was really nice to get away from the boys -- they cause way too much drama. I wish the girls and I did more things together boy-free. I am going to have to suggest that concept more often!

Over the weekend I went to a party with some of the local friends I've made. I was sooo nervous to go because I was the only American going. Usually when I go out here I bring at least one American from my program with me but Saturday, no one wanted to go out. We'd spent the day sightseeing in Windsor (there is a famous castle there that's still operating. The queen was there when I went!). Anyway, since no one wanted to go out, I decided just to go alone -- well not alone, but as the only American. It turned out to be a lot of fun!

Ahh I gotta get back to studying for my midterm exams and organizing stuff for Rome! I leave with my friend Emily on Thursday really early in the morning.

Xx Lindsey

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