Fri Feb 20, 2009
Drama, Drama, Drama
Wow, midterms are next week! Where has the time gone?! I feel like it went a bit slow at first and now it's going way too fast. I had a bit of an emotional breakdown last night. It was the first time I've felt homesick since I have been here.

Being abroad makes everyone more vulnerable because we are all so far from the support systems we are used to. This vulnerability has been causing a bit of drama amongst the people in my program -- mostly relationship drama. I feel like a lot of the girls are feeling lonely (like I was last night) and thinking a relationship will help ease that loneliness.

There are a few boys in my program that have pretty much dated every girl in my circle of friends. It's getting a bit awkward in my opinion. This is why I don't really trust the crush I have on a boy in the program -- for fear he will read this, I'm not gonna say his name. Hehe. I can't decide if I should try and make things happen with my crush or not. The last thing I want is relationship drama... I will keep you all posted on any developments.

I was really glad that my friend Christine and I escaped from all this over Valentine's Day weekend. We went to Edinburgh, Scotland! It was a blast! On Friday the 13th, we took a scary night walking tour of the haunted Edinburgh vaults after spending the day touring the Edinburgh castle. On Saturday, (good ol' V'day) we journeyed into the highlands of Scotland up to the Loch Ness Monster Lake -- didn't see Nessie, but the countryside was beautiful. Sunday was filled with shopping! Overall, a great weekend getaway.

Until next week,
Xxx Lindsey

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