Fri Feb 13, 2009
Lindsey Hits Up Stonehenge
The snow day made my week a breeze, but I had a jam-packed weekend that left me sooo tired, but in a good way. On Friday I went with my entire study abroad program to Stonehenge, which is a circle of rocks that was built in several stages from 2800-1800 BC (see my pic). Mystery surrounds this monument. No one has any idea why it was built. The best guess is that it is a sort of solar calendar.

After freezing at Stonehenge we made our way to Salisbury, a small town nearby. The snow was coming down pretty hard at that point so we toured two beautiful churches and then had lunch at a quaint lil pub.

On Saturday I went to Bath with a group of my friends. We had to catch a bus at 6 a.m.! Sooo early, but soo worth it. Bath was beautiful. It's famous for the Roman baths that were unearthed there around the hot water spring. I got to tour the Roman baths and drink from the hot water spring, which is believed to have healing powers (we'll see!). The water tasted like hot pennies because it was from deep underground (giving it a high mineral content).

On Sunday evening I went to see Cirque de Soleil with my friends at the Royal Albert Hall (the most beautiful concert/performance hall I have ever seen!). It was amazing! If you've never seen Cirque before, the show is made up of a variety of circus/alternative art performances. My favorite was the Chinese acrobats that dangled and jumped between spinning rings.

After getting home from the show, I immediately jumped into bed and fell asleep reading a book for my Modern British Novel class. Gotta get through this week of classes and I'm off to Scotland for Valentine's Day!


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