Fri Feb 6, 2009
Fastasmo Weekend in London!
I had a great weekend in London. Friday night, my friend Marc from Indiana University was in town and getting to see him was great! Made me a bit homesick though.

Marc, my friend Emily and I went to see Wicked. I've seen this awesome musical in the states but it was really cool to see it here again because it's my very favorite musical right now, and it was even cooler because the actors had British accents!

My roomie and I went to Chinatown for the Chinese New Year celebration. It was packed, but really fun to see the area all decorated. The smell of Chinese food was sooo tempting but the restaurants were too crowded to get into. Oh well, I will just have to go back to Chinatown another day for dinner.

Classes were canceled because... we got a snow day! Apparently last night's snowfall (which is typical for Cleveland, Ohio -- my hometown) caused London to shut down. All of the double-decker busses stopped running, and even the Tube (subway/underground rail system) closed! London is literally frozen solid at the moment. I haven't had a snow day in the states in years and here I am, studying in London, and I get a snow day!! My friends from home are going to be soo jealous! I am going to suit up here in a bit and go play in the snow.

Cheers, (popular London word for goodbye that I am beginning to use more and more)

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