Fri Jan 30, 2009
A Weekend in Paris!
Since I've been in London for about three weeks now my roomie and I decided we were ready for a weekend adventure. We decided to take the Eurostar (a high speed train that goes under water) to Paris for the weekend! We left Thursday afternoon and arrived in Paris Thursday night.

Of course the first thing we HAD to see was the Eiffel tower. It was beautiful at night -- all lit up! After taking tons of pictures we jumped on a riverboat cruise on the Seine River, which runs through the city. It was amazing to see all the famous places -- The Louvre, and Musee d'Orsay, Notre Dame, The Latin Quarter as well as a bunch of pretty bridges and buildings.

Melissa and I spent the following three days exploring all these sights. The Louvre was amazing! It houses the Mona Lisa, which actually was kind of disappointing to see. It's just a small little painting on a big wall but at least now I can say that I've seen it.

Other great memories from my trip to Paris were the view from on top of Notre Dame and the cute village of Montmartre, which is the highest point in Paris. In the center of this village there was an artist's market as well as dozens of creperie where we indulged in chocolate-hazelnut crepes. Yummmm! Also seeing the Arc de Triomphe and strolling down the glamorous Champs-Elysées Avenue was fun -- there are tons of glamorous stores on this street, none of which I could afford, but window shopping was fun!

After an exhausting whirlwind tour of Paris I have to say it nice to be back in London (at least for a few weekends). My friend Christine and I just booked a tour of Edinburgh over Valentine's Day weekend! Scottish boys here we come!

Au revoir (bye in french),

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