Fri Jan 23, 2009
Lindsey's First Day in London
I am officially in London! It's so exciting to finally be here and it's been go-go-go since I arrived. Upon arrival, without my luggage -- which is a story I'm not even getting into -- I unpacked what I had with me and began to explore my new home Chelsea, London. This area is very residential and posh. There are cute cafes, pubs and shops.

Ah! I cannot tell you how many times cars have almost hit me since they drive on the wrong side of the road here and I clearly I'm not used to that. I wonder how long it will take me to adjust?

I met my roommate Melissa who is the sweetest girl I have ever met! The next day I met some more people in my study abroad program at our orientation session. Everyone was as nervous as I was, which made me feel better and I made some friends. It's so cool getting to know people from all over the US who are studying here with me.

Over the weekend we all did some sightseeing. We went to Hampton Court Palace, which is a 17th century palace. It was freezing! BUT also so much fun and so cool to see. We also went on a bus tour of the entire city, which was great because it gave me a sense of where everything is. I definitely need to hang out around Buckingham Palace! Maybe I will meet some royalty! :) I take classes near The British Museum, where we ended our bus tour. Inside the museum there is the coolest Egyptian and Ancient Greece Exhibit I have ever seen! Check out my pics and don't forget to leave me some comments! :)


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