Wed Jan 7, 2009
Lindsey's Baaaack!
Hey everyone, I'm back!

Remember me from this summer? The alloy intern who loves to run and shop? I am back and blogging again about another one of my adventures -- studying abroad! I'll be spending my spring semester (four whole months!) in London and I can't wait. Time couldn't be going any slower as I sit here in my last class of the semester at Indiana University in Bloomington, writing this entry (instead of listening to my professor blab on about poetry). I am so ready to be in London this spring.

I began the planning process for studying abroad in the fall. First, I went to our study abroad office on campus and talked to some students who've studied in London. Everyone said they loved it. I thought London would be a perfect place to study abroad because everyone there speaks English. I didn't want to study abroad somewhere where I would feel lost because of a language barrier. I filled out the lengthy application and waited anxiously for a response. A few weeks later I received my acceptance letter to the study London program!

After filling out what felt like never-ending paperwork I have everything set up. I'll be living in Chelsea (which I've heard is an awesome area with great shopping!) in a residence hall full of American students from universities across the U.S. I'll have a roommate (who I don't know yet) and I'll be living on a floor with six other people. It's two people per bedroom and I'll share a kitchen and living room area with the six people living on my floor.

I've signed up to take five classes while in London. Four of the classes are at an American study abroad center with other American students and one class at City University (which is a London University -- so I'll be in class with Brits my age!) I just got my class schedule and it's so different than the type of schedule I'm used to at IU. In London, I have each class just once a week!

The only hard part about leaving is saying goodbye to all my friends at IU for four months! We all went to a holiday party together last night -- our final night out together. It was a lot of fun; we got all dressed up in goofy holiday outfits (that was the theme). And while I was at the party I met someone who's going to London in the spring, too! (Talk about good luck!) Meeting someone else going to London, and becoming instant friends, makes me feel more comfortable about departing. After what I expect to be some very tearful goodbyes I'll leave Bloomington for winter break and embark on a new challenge -- fitting a four-month wardrobe into two suitcases!


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