Wed Jun 10, 2009
Elysia's Fab Prom and Fond Farewell!
Posing with the party!
Groovin' like it's my job!
Best date ever!

Hey, everyone!
This is my last post! So what better to discuss than MY OWN PROM! Prom on Saturday night and was such a blast! So read on to get the deets on the evening (and the morning that followed!).

I began the day collecting my prom elements; dress hung on my door; jewelry laid out; purse packed with the essentials; overnight bag stuffed with post-prom clothes. By noon, I was on my way to the salon for hair and makeup. I went with my friend Sophia ('member her?!), and as she was being made up, my hair was being prodded, and vice-versa. We only saw each other in between switching stations and after two hours, we were completely transformed into prom beauties! We rushed to our respective homes, got dressed and met up again for pics where lots of tedious posing, excitement, and dress gushing ensued.

Before I knew it, I was at prom, looking around at the decorated room filled with my classmates. The water glasses had light-up ice cubes to add to the rooms' ambiance, which was totally cool, btw! After a lovely dinner of chicken piccata, we started dancin'!

A few hours later, the sundae bar was setup and we hounded that ice cream like a herd of 6 year olds! We digested the hot fudge and danced some more to the oldies, like "Shout," and some classics like "Living on a Prayer." All of a sudden, the last song was being played and we were rushed to our cars.

Post-prom was at school, but the carnival-themed decorations made it unrecognizable! The front was transformed with hay, striped tents, parents dressed like freak show members? the whole deal! There was a massage room and palm reader, along with blow-up obstacle courses, laser tag, and a mechanical bull! The party started at 12 AM but by the time 3 AM rolled around, everyone was pooped and ready to go. None of us could make it to 4 AM!

I spent the rest of the night (morning?) at Sophia's with our friend Elizabeth. When we woke up in the early afternoon, our friend Zanib came over to make some uber chocolaty chocolate chip pancakes (guess who put in the whole bag of chocolate chips! Tee-hee!) and we gossed about the prom fun. Even the day after, I am still reeling from all the fun.

So let me know how your proms were! Blogging with you girls has been fun -- I hope to see you all around the Alloy message boards!

Much love,
xx Elysia

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