Mon Jun 1, 2009
Elysia's prom is THIS weekend!

Hey prommers!

Is your life as hectic as mine has been!? I've just finished my last week of high school...forever! Now, I can concentrate on prom! Mine is this weekend, so I'm going to assume that most of you either already had yours or will have it in the very near future. Let's go over some last minute prom tips to polish your whole experience.

1. At your hair and/or makeup appointments, bring a pic of your inspiration. Both you and your artist will be mucho happier, and it will be quicker and easier for you! I have my pictures of Kate Beckinsale's voluminous high pony already printed.

2. I've seen it too many times: the girl struggling to pin on her dates boutonniere. Avoid the awkwardness and look up how to put on the flowery decoration!

3. Bring flip flops. You might say now that you will NOT take off those killer stilettos, even if, well, they are killing you. But, after two hours of dancing, you'll want the option.

4. Have fun! Let go, don't think about the airhead girl you despise dancing a few feet over or the jerk that rejected you as his date. Focus on your besties, dance like you did when you were 8, eat as much yummy ice cream sundaes as you want, and remember that this is your prom! Try not to get hung up on small details failing. You only get one prom night, so enjoy it and create amazing memories. And, don't forget to share them with me!

I'll be thinking of you all at my prom!

'Til next week,

xx Elysia

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