Wed May 27, 2009
Last Minute Prom Style Tips!

Hey prommers!

How are you all doing with your prom plans? Did anyone have their prom yet? Mine is in just 2 weeks! Eeep! My school's junior prom has passed, so I've been poring over pictures and getting excited for the big senior dance! I convinced two more of my friends to register for prom -- woo for my group getting bigger! Remember, just because you don't want a date doesn't mean you can't still attend! You'll have a total ball at the ball with pals!

Anyways, I'm all about the prom craziness: did you guys know that you can design and create your own dress and outfit for your date purely out of duct tape... and win $3,000?! It's so awesome how creative people get! Check out this page for some past winning entries. Mind-blowing!

I don't know if $3,000 is enough incentive for me to go in a duct tape dress, but I do think that we all want to stand out in some way! So I just wanted to mention alternatives to a dress for prom like a tux-inspired ensemble, which I think is awesome! If you can rock a suit like Rihanna did at the Met Ball or like Anne Hathaway at the Bride Wars premiere, more power to ya! The one suggestion I have is to feminize. Meaning, wear totally stunning shoes, lots of fun jewelry, dramatic makeup or hair, and/or pick a jacket with interesting structural detail, like a pointed or strong shoulder, or glammed out lapels. Also, make sure the proportions are right! There are tuxedos made for women, so don't buy a man's! Accentuate your beautiful shape with a nipped-in waist and slim trousers.

That's all for this week, I've got to get to finishing the last few tasks for my prom. Have fun and look awesome at your proms! I look forward to hearing about them!

'Til next week (for reals this time),
Xx Elysia

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