Mon Jun 1, 2009
Farewell From Kristen!
One last prom pic
Summer friends
Here I come beach!
Concert fun
Fun Philly trips
who knows where i'll end up next, but i better have fun getting there!

My school's graduation ceremony is a little bit different from the usual cap-and-gown event. Instead, the graduating students where white dresses and gloves, and are given medals and bouquets of red roses. It's quite romantic, don't you think? Finding the perfect dress was a production in and of itself; I ended up having my dream dress custom-made. I also resorted to scouring the internet for shoes and gloves. Never underestimate the depths of the web! It took me but a few quick Google searches to locate the final items of graduation dreams!

This summer I'm spending a few weeks down the beach, but I am anxiously awaiting my trip to JAPAN! My dad and I will be spending time in Tokyo and then the Okinawa islands. I've been blasting Gwen Stefani so I can get hyped for my own Harajuku wanderings. Additionally, I am now a hostess at a Japanese restaurant, so I am becoming acquainted with the delicious cuisine. Sushi, anyone?

I'm also a huge artsy nerd, so I can't wait to stay up late reading and sketching on these hot summer nights. Finally, I can spend hours poring over fashion magazines without feeling guilty about tossing aside my schoolwork. I've also been catching up with all the friends who I've put on hold for the tedious busyness of my senior year. So far, summer has been treating me very nicely indeed!

Next year, I am off to Washington University in Saint Louis, where I plan to bring my cache of style secrets to the Midwest. But for now, I am just enjoying living in the moment.

Thanks so much, readers, for traveling on this procession to prom with me! I'm going to really miss writing what I hope have been helpful posts. I hope all of your prom wishes came true, and that everyone will have smashing summers!

As always, stay stylish!

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