Thu May 14, 2009
Kristen Rocks Prom!
My mom and me!
Me and Mike ready for prom!
Everyone at pre-prom
Raaj and me contemplating my corsage
Photos in the park with Raaj

After a week's worth of rain, I was worried that prom night would be full of umbrellas and inside pictures, but luckily, the weather seemed to cooperate with my wishes! The sun was shining as I devoted hours to the bathroom mirror, streaking a vermillion shade onto my nails and twisting locks of hair around a curling iron. I had contemplated straightening my hair, but the hot and humid atmosphere which often fills the banquet halls isn't necessarily the kindest on my curl-crushing efforts! So curly I went. Let me know what you think!

I also made full use of the many makeup articles that often lie in shadowy corners of my cosmetic bags. For my Friday night prom, I rocked out with a dark eye. On Saturday, I decided to go for the red lip. I couldn't find an exact shade that suited me, so I compromised by mixing two different hues to create the perfect color.

On Friday, I went to my friend Mike's prom, and many of my classmates were also in attendance. It was totes fun to hang out with a lot of girls who I don't always get to see in school! We sipped on sodas on the party bus and rocked out to get pumped for the dance floor. Dinner was provided when we got there, and as soon as I scarfed down on my tortellini, I joined the crowd on the dance floor. The DJ was fantastic, and modern music was mixed with some great classics. After the prom and a quick party bus ride, we all arrived at Mike's, where we laughed the night away in the hot tub. All in all, a great time.

After a thoroughly enjoyable reunion with my oh-so comfortable bed, I woke up and started dolling up for Raaj's prom. I was actually pretty nervous for this one, since I only knew my date and one other boy at this school. Initially, the giant photos-in-the-park experience was slightly awk, but I quickly warmed up to everyone at a delicious dinner at a nearby restaurant. Nothing like quality food for the foundation of new friendships! Prom offered the opportunity for more dancing, plenty of talking, and one FAB chocolate fountain. Following prom, my new group of friends and I went to post-prom where we played carnival games. Eventually we all made our way to someone's house (with another hot tub; yesss!), where more fun ensued until early Sunday morning.

Yawnnnnn. Now it is recovery time, which would mean a lot of sleep if it weren't for the massive amount of homework I've been avoiding. And there is no way that biology homework even comes close to such an epic weekend. Let me know about your best prom memories!

Stay stylish, readers!

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