Fri May 8, 2009
Last Minute Prom Preparations!
Poshing up my sis for GaGa
My sister and me, glammed out for GaGa
Imitating Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice at the art museum
My mom and me!
Hot red lips for inspiration
Smoky eye inspiration

Chances are that I won't be grabbing too much sleep this weekend, so I'm stocking up on my slumber hours throughout the week. I've been doing some online research, and my findings have revealed that both adequate hydration and moderate exercise will give me an extra energy boost. But despite all of my prep, I know that with all the prom stress that I will not have the most well-rested pair of eyes come prom night. So here are some handy tips for hiding those under-eye shadows: - Make some tea and freeze the tea bags in your freezer. Place the frozen bags over your closed eyelids, wait five minutes, and bam! Instant revitalization. AND the tannin in tea bags helps to reduce redness.

- Use a bit of white eyeshadow on top of your foundation to brighten up those dark circles; sweep silver (or a similarly gentle glam shade) along your brow line to divert attention upwards.

- Slicking on a popping lip gloss will also divert your fellow prommers from any shadows you might be hiding. But chances are, you'll already be looking so fab that any tiny indications of tiredness will go completely unnoticed, so don't worry too much.

I plan on painting my nails on Friday, so I need to select a shade which will work with both dresses. I personally prefer darker nail polish, which I think makes more of a visual statement. An extra coating of a clear gloss will safeguard my mani and pedi from any chips or cracks. One of my favorite shades is OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark. The deep eggplant shade offers a more modern alternative to a gothic black, while remaining in the same color family. A deep burgundy is another option I am currently considering as a harmonizing hue for both of my prom nights. What do you think? Tell me below!

Rather than play it safe with my makeup, I am going to experiment by incorporating some traditionally "daring" elements, like red lips or a sultry, dark eye. But I will definitely NOT try to work both of those looks on one night; too much makeup can turn uptown elegance into instant tack.

These are some of the ideas which have been rolling around in my head for the quickly approaching prom weekend! Let me know if you have any further inspirational ideas!

Stay stylish, readers!

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