Mon May 4, 2009
Elysia's excited! And disappointed? Get the goss!

Hey everyone!

Did you watch our TV vids?! How fun are they? I've posted them to the side so you can check them out, and has all sorts of fab videos on DIY's, and hair and makeup how-to's. I'm totally addicted!

So what's new with your prom plans? Junior prom is this week, so senior prom buzz is really increasing now since it's a little over a month away. We're booking limos, considering corsage ideas, after-party outfits. You know, the whole deal. If you haven't found your date yet, start looking really hard! My friend had a great guy to go with, but he bailed on her because of a surprise family vacay. She asked another friend, he accepted...just to disappoint her again because he has something else to that night! Ugh, boys! How much does that suck?! I can't convince her to go alone, but there aren't many date options left, unfortunately. If you are in her predicament, consider going stag with your besties. You will not regret it -- promise!

Other little revelations: I just found out that my prom is at a banquet hall -- sorta disappointing! One of the local schools is hosting their prom at a museum! I'm totally jealous. Our prom doesn't have a theme but junior prom is a masquerade ball! I want to wear a glam mask with my dress! So not fair. Plus, we're having our party DJed (another disappointment)! IMO, a band is better! All a DJ needs is an iPod these days! It's totally more awesome to rock out to live tunes.

Keep reading for more updates on my prom! And I want to hear some of your plans, too!

Til next week,
xx Elysia

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