Mon Apr 27, 2009
NYC, Here Elysia Comes!

Prom is coming soon, and we have covered loads of topics and conferred about oodles of ideas for you to be thinking about and considering. Tell me about your dress and your date (or friends) sitch!

Now that it's's Prom Week '09, I must tell you about my fantastic day in NYC with Kristen, Alloy, and teen.comTV!

After staying the night with my cousins in NYC, I arrived at the Alloy offices full of anticipation. Soon after, Kristen arrived, and we finally met. It was immediate bonding! We met most of the Alloy crew right away, and then were briefed about the day.

We started with a shoot at YogaWorks studio where we learned some interesting poses that will prep our bods for prom. It was goofy and such a blast! After stretching with the yogi, we rushed to the Goodwill. I must admit, we saw some awesome dresses! We looked, tried on, criticized, and discovered good tips for shopping vintage dresses: check for stains or other damage and if you can resolve it or not, always consider altering, dying, etc. Watch the vid on Wednesday!

We took a break to devour some New York pizza (mmm!!), chatted with the editors, and Kristen and I got to hang a little more. FYI, she's pretty darn awesome, which you already know. We also had the coolest opp to watch Tamarama, Jay from The City fame's band perform for teen.comTV! After recovering from their gorgeous songs and even more gorgeous faces (teehee!!), we made mood boards to use as background for our personal videos, and then we started shooting. I talked about dresses while Kristen discussed makeup and hair. Before we knew it, we were hopping on our bus home, arms full of beauty goodies and minds spinning with all the fun things we did! An hour or so later we were back home, wishing we were still in the city!

Watch all of our videos from the day on teen.comTV, airing throughout this week.

'Til next week,
xx Elysia

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