Thu Apr 23, 2009
Kristen's Thrifty Tips!

Before you finally decide to face the music and total up the money spent on THE dress, THE shoes, THE jewelry, and all those other prom essentials like hair, flowers, and limo, it might be prudent to read up on how to save here and there and still have the best prom ever. With my crazy two-prom weekend, saving money was totes a must-do, and after finishing up purchasing all of my prom-y items, I think that I've scored some fab little pieces without resorting to scouring between the cushions for change.

Although I did buy a new dress (which you will see later! It's a surprise!), I am also using one of my dresses from last year. Care to guess which one it is? By recycling a gown that I still adore, I didn't feel quite as terrible whipping out the cash for my NEW dress. I also got a little creative, and made some minor adjustments to my recycled one. There was this garishly heinous belt covering the empire waist, but with a quick snip-snip of the scissors, all was well in dress world! I visited a local thrift store for some inexpensive bling, and I purchased this lovely vintage bracelet for only $12. I plan on picking up my trusty needle and thread, and attaching the bracelet where that belt was. Ta-da! Same dress, but a totally updated look!

Also, by being a bit inventive, I have eliminated the need to buy any new jewelry for my prom look. I was always one for keeping it simple and classic, and since both of my dresses now have some sort of eye-catching beading, I am not going to invest in any necklaces. I have some simple earrings and bracelets at home which I plan on trying on with the dresses to add just a touch more of glamour. I also found a smashing pair of stilettos at DSW, which were on sale and will be able to be worn for both proms (provided I don't wear them out with dancing!). You can blame my many bad experiences with bobby-pins, but I've always been a little hesitant to place my hair in the hands of stylist. So this year, I am planning on straightening my short hair myself, and securing it with some elegant clips or silk blossoms. I recently found out that I could put real orchids in my hair, and an entire sprig would only cost me $4! However, I suggest some research before you buy real buds, since some flowers wilt faster than others. (No one wants a gardening mishap on your head while slow dancing!)

I hope this advice helps to keep your prom affordable, without compromising one ounce of style! Let me know if you have any other tricks up your oh-so fabulous sleeves.

Stay stylish!

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