Mon Apr 20, 2009
Post-Prom Brekkie!

Whew, what a week! Have you been practicing your poses? I've been busy, searching for a dress for Sophia (yes, STILL!). I can attest to those of you still without dresses- there's not much out there! Maybe we're too picky; maybe we're going to the wrong stores; we'll keep looking!

We've got your pre-plans down, so let's conquer the after-parties! You just had a blast with your besties, so what to do now?

My school, and many others in the area, host a post-prom party called BreakFest. It's awesome! There's food, music, games, amazing prizes, and the carnival-like event is just realllllly fun. We'll have air hockey, blow-up obstacle courses, a mechanical bull and themed decorations. Straight after prom, we'll change and then party until 4am.

Those who don't hit up BreakFest plan their own soirees that are a little crazier than the school run party. Not my thing. Some groups are heading down to the beach for a week but mostly, peeps just chill around the area at a cool hangout.

Any way, you have to extend the fun! If you don't know what you're gonna do yet, find out if your school has a post-prom, or if any of your pals are planning a party! My friends and I are all so excited for our post-prom. I think I'm more excited for that than for the actual prom!

Do any of you have plans for your after-prom? Oh, and let's hear about your dresses! Both Kristen and I have ours, and we shared -- now it's your turn!

'Til next week,

xx Elysia

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