Fri May 21, 2010
Kyla's Prom and Farewell!
Hey Promistas!
My prom day was...AMAZING! It was worth all the preparation and stress I went through the weeks leading up to it. I loved my Aidan Mattox gown (even though people kept stepping on the train) with Dollhouse studded heels and vintage-inspired costume jewelry. My makeup was natural with some faux lashes for added glam and I just got my hair blow dried -- no messy up-do to look back on and regret.

It ended up NOT raining, thankfully, and I felt so much better. The meds totally kicked in, just in time to have fun. My boyfriend looked so handsome in his tux. Our parents had us take pics outside and if I do say so myself, we make a hot couple! We taxied it over to the hotel and it was fine!

The hotel was so beautiful and the staff were so friendly. I didn't win Prom Queen -- my school chooses it at random selection. It's like winning the lottery so it's not like I didn't know my chances! WE started dancing as soon as we finished dinner and, at one point in the night, a couple of students picked up our super-serious dean on their shoulders! He happens to be a tough guy and is always compared to a mobster, so that was hilarious.

I have to admit, there were some gorgeous gowns at prom. Everyone complemented me on mine so I guess it was a hit. Although, there was some dress drama! My friend spilled chocolate on her silk gown. Awful, right? It was hardly noticeable though!

Prom was really sentimental towards the end of the night. I think we all just realized that our time together is almost over! After prom I went to a nearby hotel and had a sleepover with my best friend Mea. It was so much fun! I didn't realize it until the next day but I forgot my corsage at the hotel! I am so bummed that I won't have that as a keepsake. But, I have loads of memories and that's what counts.

Have you had your prom yet? Been through it and have some tips to share? Share your stories and plans on Alloy's Message Boards or leave a comment below!

It's been so great connecting with you all and I hope you have the best prom! Ever!


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