Mon May 10, 2010
Will Kyla Make It to Prom?!?!
Heeeey, girlies!
So it's only a few days until prom and I finally have everything, outfit-wise, figured out. My shoes are sick, with zippers up the front, my earrings enormous and gorgeous, and my handbag sparkly and sweet. I even got my boyfriend to pick a tux and discuss corsages! The only sitch? I'M SICK!

I don't know how it happened or where I picked up this ickiness, but I am full-blown sick. But I promise girls, I'm going to prom even if they have to wheel me in a chair! I'm going to see a doctor today, so fingers crossed she has a cure-all for me! But even if she does miraculously cure me, I'm still freaking out over the WEATHER REPORT! It's forecasting thunderstorms. Can you say hair disaster? Ahh!

And then, there's after-prom! No one seems to know what we're doing, so I'm taking it upon myself to plan something amazing. Some people have mentioned a late night harbor cruise, but if the weather is gnarly, that's an obvi no-go. Personally, I'd like to find a cool location where we can just chill and dance more (without teachers around). I also think it's important to make sure that wherever we choose to go, it's kinda exclusive and guarded for our prom only. I don't want randoms infiltrating our party. And I also don't want to deal with people getting into our business. So maybe we'll find someone's house where a set of parents will be around but not too intrusive. I'll let you know how it plays out! What are your plans? I need some after-party inspiration!

And speaking of teachers, it almost feels like some of them are giving us more work and huge projects this week! I have a huge project due on Thursday and I'm totally stressin'. So I bid you adieu, lovelies, and hope you'll share your after-prom ideas with me, below. And, of course, prom pics NEXT WEEK!


P.S. Check out this super helpful story about what you need in your prom pocket book !

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