Mon May 3, 2010
Kyla's Take on Taxi's and Makeup and Prom Drams!
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Hey girlies!
My prom is fast approaching! We finally got the theme; it will be from a Jordin Sparks song, "One Step at a Time." I don't exactly get what that's supposed to mean -- so as of right now I think it's the stupidest prom theme ever. I'm hoping to arrive to prom in a fancy town car because I hate limos. The hotel, though, is only a few blocks away from my house, so my parents joke about taking a taxi! That's NOT funny.

With prom a week away, my friends have been running around like chickens without heads, screaming about last minute prom probs. One friend says she hasn't even got a dress, another says her tailor won't have her dress ready till an hour before prom and most of us have no idea what were doing after prom. Plus, my BF hasn't figured out his suit sitch or my corsage, either! Ahh! T.G. there's no school for seniors on prom day!

But right now, I'm most concerned with how I would like my makeup to look. There are tons of options: I could go to a counter to have my makeup done, do my makeup myself, have a friend do it or hire a professional to do it.

When deciding what you want to do, you have to take into consideration your situation. If you are on a tight prom budget, you shouldn't be exactly be hiring Gucci Westman to give you a smokey eye. Also, if you tend to not trust people doing your makeup, perhaps you could watch YouTube tutorials and DIY it. But like I said, it depends on what works best for you.

Personally my best bet is to get dolled up by my mom?s best friend, who is a makeup artist. She usually does my makeup for major charity events when I know that I?m going to be photographed by the press, so I know how great her work is. She also does my makeup for free so that?s a HUGE plus! I think I will be going for a natural bronze eye with mascara and false lashes. I really want to wear a red colored lipstick so less is more with my eye makeup!

Two weeks away for us! When's yours? Are you stressing? Tell me and TTYL!

Kyla Emman

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