Mon Apr 19, 2010
Kyla's Prom Drams and Hair Do's and Don'ts
Photo: Stephen Lovekin
Hey, Girls!
I am so excited to start college. I know it's still four months away, but after our weekender on campus, I couldn't be happier. But I'm still in high school and only have two months left to enjoy it. So crazy that it's almost over! In fact, it kinda means that I'm getting a little sentimental which is all the more reason that I want to leave an amazing time and lasting impression at prom.

People are just starting to ask each other out -- though couples like me have known for a while who our dates will be. I guess I'm lucky that I don't have to go through some of the drama that other girls go through. One of my friends is dying to ask her long-time crush, and so far, he's not going with anyone. She wants him to ask her though! If he doesn't, she's just going stag! I'm trying to get her to ask him but she's pretty stubborn. Any ideas, ladies?

So while prom drams is on my mind, so is my hair do. I got to see a whole lot of hair being done backstage at different shows during Fashion Week and I think the biggest tips I learned were:

1. Don't be afraid of flexible hold hairspray.
2. Don't do a too twisty, too curly, too stiff up-do. Work with your hair's natural texture so you look like yourself, not a boxed Barbie!

That said, I did love the bows at Rebecca Taylor's Spring 2010 show! They were all made with the models' real hair, but you can add some clip-in extensions if your hair is a little shorter.

I also love Jessica Biel's messy ponytail. It seems like it'd be so much fun to swish on the dance floor!

And rounding out my favorite hair inspirations with some vintage-like drama is Maggie Gyllenhaal and her gorgeous side swept fingerwave. And the best part about this? It doesn't matter what the length, texture, or color of your hair is to get this look!

Have you thought about hair? I actually really like bridal magazines to get inspiration, so try some of those! Just remember -- too stiff is icky, working with your natural hair is pretty.

See you next week!

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