Mon Mar 29, 2010
Kyla Can't Decide -- Help! Plus, She Shares Ways to Save $$$!
Me & my closet!
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Hey, ladies!
Last week, I told you about some of my prom gown ideas but I have decided to give it some more thought. I am really having trouble deciding whether to wear a long or short dress. There are pros and cons to wearing either style. If I wear a short dress, I will be more comfortable on the dance floor. However, I won't feel as elegant as I should on such an occasion. If I wear a long dress, I will be confident in my choice, but I'll be bothered with having to pick up my dress' train as I walk around the ballroom. Another problem I'm facing is whether to wear a black dress (like I want to) or wear a colorful dress. I've never been one to follow popular trends but I also don't want to look like I'm attending a funeral! Boy, do I have a lot to think about!

But on another note, I know that not every girl has the kind of prom budget that my friends and I do. So I wanted to list some alternatives to splurging on your prom frock.

Here are some good ways to get gorgeous without breaking the bank!

Rent!: There are tons of amazing rental shops in your city and online. My favorite one is RTR carries a huge selection of designer dresses that you can rent for any occasion at a small fraction of the retail price! Plus, they're letting Alloy readers skip the wait list and peruse your dream dress! Just click here!

Borrow!: Ask around! You might find a designer who is willing to lend you a dress for your special night. Or maybe you have a friend who has a dress you can borrow! And if you have a friend who goes to another school, maybe you guys can split the cost and get 2 for 1!

Thrift!: Go to your local flea markets, thrifts shops and consignment stores. Chances are, you'll find a vintage dress that's totally unique and no one else will be wearing!

Hope this post helped you in your own prom journey! What have you been thinking about, dress-wise? Have you found your dream dress? Share below!

See you next week!


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