Mon Mar 22, 2010
Kyla's Dream Dresses, College, and Deets!
Posing in Paris
Beyonce in Balmain
Aidan Mattox gown -- Gorg!
Hey Girls!
I have the craziest news! I just got an acceptance letter to my first choice college! Yay! I will be moving out of New York City to a suburban college campus. Boy, is my life going to change over the next couple of months! But now that all the college stress is over, I can really end this year with a bang! And a major part of that means prom! Here are the deets:

My prom will be held at the renowned Pierre Hotel on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. We will begin our multiple course dinner at 7pm and the dance will end at midnight. But in the words of Ke$ha, "the party don't start 'til I walk in." The theme of our prom hasn't been decided yet, but either way I'm choosing not to go with it. I think prom's a time to be YOU and not in any part related to a theme!

As for the gorgeous gown I will choose to wear, I haven't really decided yet on which one I will pick. So many options, right? I don't know what exactly I'm looking for but I do know what I'm not looking for! Here's what I don't want: no pastels, silks or satins. Oh! And, no bright prints. But I might be alone on this -- patterned dresses are in every prom catalogue and my friends are wearing some bright patterns. Honestly, I don't even want to look like I'm going to the prom in my dress; I'm going for a more runway look.

Speaking of the runway, I can't seem to peel my eyes off Balmain's gorgeous Spring 2010 gown. Beyonce is wearing the beautiful dress I'm lusting for on the RC. Sigh! But, I also found a gorgeous gown from Aidan Mattox that is super similar and far more practical. I also like the black sequin sheath dress but it might have too simple of a silhouette for this occasion.

I kind of am in love with the color black. What can I say? I'm a true New Yorker! Hope you girls enjoyed my second post! What dresses are you looking at? Check back next week for updates on my prom dress choices!

Peace, love and glittery black gowns,
Kyla Emman

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