Tue Mar 16, 2010
Kyla's First Post!!
Style in The City

Hey Alloy readers!

I'm Kyla! I'm so excited about being this year's prom blogger on! Last year, I was an intern at and Teen.comTV, so you might have seen me around when you were watching some fashion videos like Celeb Copycat!

I'm from Manhattan so I'm basically the typical NYC prep student (feel free to compare my life to Gossip Girl. It's not so far off). In 'The City' prom is a big night full of designer gowns, handsome dates and fabulous after parties. On this island, prom is kind of a coming-of-age debutant-like ball.

I'm obsessed with fashion ? I go to as many fashion shows as possible, and they will certainly be my inspiration for this blog. I've been keeping my eye out for makeup, hair, and dress tips and tricks and will share them with you in upcoming prom posts!

Until this year, I never really thought about prom, but now that I have (and that is to say I'm thinking about it non-stop!), I know exactly what I want. No poufy princess gowns, no overcrowded limos and (you better be with me on this) NO LAME DATES. My prom inspiration comes from Manhattan's high society, traveling around the world, fashion shows and my own life experiences. My blog is a huge help for picking a dress because of the reader feedback I get when I post potential prom picks. And it'll be great to hear what you have to say, too! Hopefully, by the end of this experience I will be a total prom guru!

So hit me with your thoughts below and see you next week! I?ll fill you in on all my school?s prom goss.


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