Fri May 21, 2010
Kyla's Prom and Farewell!

Hey Promistas!
My prom day was...AMAZING! It was worth all the preparation and stress I went through the weeks leading up to it. I loved my Aidan Mattox gown (even though people kept stepping on the train) with Dollhouse studded heels and vintage-inspired costume jewelry. My makeup was natural with some faux lashes for added glam and I just got my hair blow dried -- no messy up-do to look back on and regret.

Kyla shares her prom night with us! So click on and get the goss and see her dress!

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Mon May 10, 2010
Will Kyla Make It to Prom?!?!

Heeeey there!
So it's only a few days until prom and I finally have everything, outfit-wise, figured out. My shoes are sick, with zippers up the front, my earrings enormous and gorgeous, and my handbag sparkly and sweet. I even got my boyfriend to pick a tux and discuss corsages! The only sitch?

Click on to find out what might keep Kyla from going to prom!

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Mon May 3, 2010
Kyla's Take on Taxi's and Makeup and Prom Drams!

Hey girlies!
My prom is fast approaching! We finally got the theme; we're figuring out after-parties and transport and my friends have been running around like crazy with last minute prom probs. One friend doesn't have a dress, and my own BF hasn't figured out his suit sitch or my corsage, either! Ahh! And that's not all, so click on for the drams and some makeup ideas!

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Mon Apr 19, 2010
Kyla's Prom Drams and Hair Do's and Don'ts

I am so excited to start college. I know it's still four months away, but after our weekender on campus, I couldn't be happier. But I'm still in high school and only have two months left to enjoy it. So crazy that it's almost over! In fact, it kinda means that I'm getting a little sentimental which is all the more reason that I want to leave an amazing time and lasting impression at prom.

So while prom drams is on my mind, so is my hair do. I got to see a whole lot of hair being done backstage at different shows during Fashion Week, so I'm looking to the stars for inspiration!

Click on to check out my tips!

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Mon Apr 12, 2010
Kyla's TV Debut and an Accessory Rundown
Kyla the Weathergirl!
Note from the Editors: Congrats on your Newscast Kyla! You are AWESOME!

Hey Everyone!
This week has been especially busy, busy, busy! I've been enjoying spring break while trying to soak up the sun that we have been getting in NYC. And I've also been busy preparing for my debut on local television! I was on WPIX's morning newscast delivering the weather forecast!

How cool to get to do the weather forecast as part of a school project? But as far as prom is concerned, I've got some amazing accessory ideas, so click on!

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Mon Mar 29, 2010
Kyla Can't Decide -- Help! Plus, She Shares Ways to Save $$$!
Kyla and her closet
Hey Girls!
I've put so much thought into my prom dress but honestly, I can't decide! Weigh in on my Long vs. Short debate and, I'll show you some cool new ways to save some cash and still score your dream dress.

Click on for Kyla's recs!

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Mon Mar 22, 2010
Kyla's Dream Dresses, College, and Deets!
Hey Girls!
I have the craziest news! I got into my first choice college! And, I think I've found my prom dress! Well, at least I know what I'm NOT going to wear. But click on for my college and prom deets!

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Tue Mar 16, 2010
Kyla's First Post!!
Meet Kyla!

Hey Alloy readers!
I'm Kyla! I'm so excited about being this year's prom blogger on! Last year, I was an intern at and Teen.comTV, so you might have seen me around when you were watching some fashion videos like Celeb Copycat! I'm on the way to becoming a total prom guru, with loads of inspiring tips to make our prom's super memorable and of course, fashionable.

Keep reading about my high school experience on the Upper East Side of Manhattan -- yes,the home of Gossip Girl!

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Wed Jun 10, 2009
Elysia's Fab Prom and Fond Farewell!
Posing with the party!

Hey, everyone!
This is my last post! So what better to discuss than MY OWN PROM! Prom last Saturday night was such a blast! Surprisingly, no one had ANY dress disasters! We seriously had the best dressed prom. So read on to get the deets on the evening (and the morning that followed!).

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Mon Jun 1, 2009
Elysia's prom is THIS weekend!
I can't BELIEVE it was my last week of school and that prom is THIS weekend! I snapped up loads of pics in my last days; even one with my least favorite book ever! (ha ha!) I'm so excited for this weekend and had to share some last minute tips to make sure that we are all set for the big party!

Click on to keep reading about Elysia's un-forgettable tips!

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Farewell From Kristen!
One last prom pic

Hi Readers!
As you all know, my prom weekend is long past. The days following were devoted to sleep deprivation recovery time, and it now feels like prom was but a dream! Now, my mind is wrapped around thoughts of my upcoming graduation and long-awaited summer vacation.

Keep reading for my thoughts on sunny holiday fun!

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Wed May 27, 2009
Last Minute Prom Style Tips!

Hi prommers!
How are you all doing with your prom plans? Did anyone have their prom yet? Mine is in just 2 weeks! Eeep! My school's junior prom has passed, so I've been poring over pictures and getting excited for the big senior dance! I convinced two more of my friends to register for prom -- woo for my group getting bigger! Remember, just because you don't want a date doesn't mean you can't still attend! You'll have a total ball at the ball with pals!

Keep reading to get last minute style tips for your prom!

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Thu May 14, 2009
Kristen Rocks Prom!
Me and Mike ready for prom!

Hi readers!
Well, prom came, it saw, and it definitely conquered. After two nights packed with preparation, dancing, and long hours in satin heels, I am officially exhausted. For a play-by-play of my perfect prom weekend, keep on reading!

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Fri May 8, 2009
Last Minute Prom Preparations!
Poshing up my sis for GaGa

Dearest Readers,
It's finally here! The week of prom! Last weekend, I went to Lady Gaga's epic concert at the Electric Factory, so I feel like I've thoroughly brushed up on my dance moves. I mean, Gaga's best advice is to "Just Dance," so I may as well follow that mantra! But if dancing was my only worry, prom would be quite easy. Unfortch, with two proms in two consecutive days, I need to plan ahead for my beauty regime.

Keep reading for my tips on how tiny tweaks and minor details can transform you from your daily look to the summit of style!

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Mon May 4, 2009
Elysia's excited! And disappointed? Get the goss!

Hey everyone!

Did you watch our TV vids?! How fun are they? I've posted them to the side so you can check them out, and has all sorts of fab videos on DIY's, and hair and makeup how-to's. I'm totally addicted!

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Thu Apr 30, 2009
Get Pumped for Prom!

Hi readers!
There's less than two weeks until prom, and I've been feeling fab! With the weather finally warming up and spring making its elusive appearance, I am tempted to grab my largest pair of Jackie O sunglasses and a big ol' bottle of SPF 40 and break out a beach blanket to catch a few rays while jamming along to some hot hits. In order to get me pumped for my personal night of celebrity-dom, the long-awaited prom, I've compiled a pretty sweet list of Studio 54-inspired music and stylish, classic flicks.

Keep reading for my suggestions for a summery mix of glam prom-inspired flicks and tunes!

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Mon Apr 27, 2009
NYC, Here Elysia Comes!

Hey Ladies!

It's Prom Week '09 on Alloy! And to celebrate, Alloy brought me and Kristen in for a whirlwind day to shoot some teen.comTV vids! NYC was such a blast, and I even got to meet Jay from The City! With Prom right around the corner, nothing could have gotten me more excited for the fantastic evening.

Click on to read all about my NYC experience!

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Thu Apr 23, 2009
Kristen's Thrifty Tips!

Hi readers!
Long time no post, right? Sorry girls! I was playing the college game, but now I'm back and all revved up and ready for prom! With two proms penciled into my agenda, I'm going to be one busy girl! So for the sake of our ever-falling economy, here are my wallet-sparing tips for prom!

Keep reading for thrifty tips to make your post-prom wallet just a little bit more full!

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Mon Apr 20, 2009
Post-Prom Brekkie!

Hi everyone!

I've been practicing poses and dress shopping like crazy with Sophia (I even snapped a shot of her pretending to look as glam as me! Click to see it! Ha ha!). While we're getting our pre-prom plans together, I started thinking about our post-plans! I'm so excited for our school-sponsored post-prom carnival that it makes me want to just jump for joy!

Jump to the next page for Elysia's post-prom plan!

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Mon Apr 13, 2009
Strike A Pose with Elysia's Prom Pic Tips!

Hi again!

Have you fig'd out your pre-prom plans? The norm is to take photos right before the party so I looked through some old pics from last year's junior prom for ideas. All I can say is: Wow!

Click on to read all about Elysia's major pose no-no's and tips for the perf pics!

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