19 Dirty Tweets to Kylie Jenner That Will Actually Make You Gag Hardcore



Since Kylie Jenner is 18 now, we guess it’s not THAT disgusting that fans send her an onslaught of dirty tweets daily. Waitasecond; who are we kidding? Yes it is. She’s still a teenager, people! And these notes are almost gag-worthy as Tyga’s song lyrics.

1. You’ll probably be wishing a whole lot longer…

2. OH.

3. What. The. Legit. Eff??

4. Absolutely not.

5. Well, that’s one way to say happy birthday…

6. That’s…generous…

7. Is this a compliment?

8. Nooooo!

9. And we want $1 million.


11. HIGHLY doubt this is true:

12. Ew.

13. Thanks?

14. *covers eyes*

15. Uh, don’t think this is gonna happen any time soon…

16. NO NO NO NO!

17. Whew. This seems so tame!

18. Nope.

19. Literally?

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