16 Dirty Kim Possible Memes that’ll be Seared in Your Memory Forever

For a cartoon, Kim Possible really took things to the next level in more ways than one. We’ve got to give it up to Disney Channel for managing to sneak sexual innuendos in there without (almost) anyone noticing. Maybe we didn’t see it then, but in retrospect…wow; just the sexual tension between Kim and Ron, which intensified through its four-season run, was shameless enough!

Be prepared to see Kim P in a whole other light because these memes certainly don’t match up to the show’s PG rating. Take a deep breath annnnddd — GO!

1. Welp, there’s that.

2. Talk about suggestive:

3. Very blunt, KP.

4. Because, obviously:

5. Romantic?

6. Ron, keep your eyes to yourself!

7. We’re sure you can.

8. Pull yourselves together!

9. Have they no dignity?!

10. *Cough* Sex hair *Cough*

11. OMG!

12. Kim wasn’t the only one lookin’ for a good time:

13. Personally, we think socks would have been fine.

14. WTF is going on here?!

15. Uhmmm…

17. Andddd… There it is:

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