The Crazy Theories That’ll Change All Your Views on Kim Possible

You’re supposed to be able to call her, beep her (ha, beepers — do people even know what these are anymore?) if you wanna reach her, yet there are certain things about Kim Possible we can’t look past anymore. Between her hidden background and her future boyfriend’s inappropriate pet, our perceptions are completely changed! Here are four reasons why:

1. Rufus’ nakedness isn’t the only inappropriate thing about him. One theorist claims that the mole rat you know and love is actually a phallic symbol; as in, a reference to a penis. Mostly because he lives in Ron’s pocket and, you know, looks like a penis.

2. Kim, as well as her brothers were genetically engineered. While it could be her fast metabolism, and the fact that she kicks major butt, one Reddit user is skeptical about how Kim, a sophomore in high school, attained her athletic physique. “We never see her working out, the only time we see her doing anything remotely close to normal exercising was on the episode ‘Go Team G’ when she was given Hego’s powers,” stated the Redditor.

3. Ron is a regular ol’ Dr. Dolittle. Wow, how have we not caught on to this? “Aside from the unusually articulate Rufus, Ron has talked to and seems capable of conveying complex communication to mutated cockroaches, genetically-enhanced Dachshunds and a monkey ninja.” Fascinating.

4. There’s a Harry Potter connection. Okay, so this isn’t so much a theory as it is something cool that you never realized. Did you ever notice the likeness between Kim’s sidekick (turned boyfriend) and Harry’s sidekick? Well, now you will.

Disney Channel/Warner Bros.

Disney Channel/Warner Bros.

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