7 Times Joe Jonas Hung Out with His Ex-Girlfriends Post-Breakup

If you ever date and dump (or get dumped by) Joe Jonas, don’t expect to never see him again. It turns out the former Jonas Brother actually has a tendency to reunite with his exes. Whether it be through a group of friends or in a one-on-one encounter, Nick Jonas‘ older brother just never seems to leave his past girlfriends be.

But, is that really so much of a bad thing? As long as he’s not interfering with either party’s current relationship status, we guess it’s not that big of a deal. Joe just seems like an overly chill and friendly guy, right? To prove to you there’s no bad blood, here are all of the times Joe Jonas hung out with his exes despite their former ties:

1. Taylor Swift — Imagine going on a date again with one of your exes… but this time, your ex is not there as your date; your ex is there as your friend’s date. Weird, right? No? Just us? Well, that’s exactly what happened with Joe and Taylor. While these two have been spotted around each other on a few occasions since their split in 2008, this past June was a special circumstance when the two were spotted on a double-date featuring Taylor and new beau, Calvin Harris, and Joe with his new flame, Gigi Hadid. They all took a romantic boat ride together — along with friend Karlie Kloss — in London! There’s nothing like getting cozy with your significant other while your ex gets cozy with theirs a few feet away from you.

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Believe it or not, it’s not the only time Taylor was seen tagging along on a date with Joe and Gigi. The three of them were spotted all having lunch together with some more of Taylor’s BFFs — and no Calvin Harris — in West Hollywood this past June as well. Fascinating stuff.

2. Demi Lovato — After starring in Camp Rock together, it was near impossible for Joe and Demi to separate from one another. Despite their seemingly serious relationship, both parties have made it clear that now they just have a really great friendship. In fact, they’re so cool with one another that they synced up on stage just last year to perform their song song, “This is Me,” at the Staples Center. They also recently tweeted at each other this summer to discuss just how crazy it was that Camp Rock premiered seven whole years ago. We wish we were that chill with our exes!

3. Ashley Greene — In 2011, Joe was seen hanging out with his Twilight ex at the Las Vegas Tao Nightclub as if it was no big deal. Joe was reportedly spotted sitting in the club with Dancing with the Stars dancers Cheryl Burke and Rob Kardashian — who also happened to be sitting with Ashley. But it was totally cool! Neither of them walked away from each other and the whole thing was super casual. We wish we could approach our exes with that much confidence!

4. AJ Michalka — When Joe reunited with the 78 Violet sister, it appears that it actually wasn’t in a group setting. Okay, so AJ’s sister, Aly, was there. But, still. The three Disney Channel musical talents supposedly grabbed a bite at UMAMI Burger in Los Feliz, California back in 2010. A little awkward considering Joe and AJ were said to have dated back in 2005 and broke up after not being able to handle the long-distance thing. But they were young, so maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal? Either way, what sparked the random meet-up? We are DYING to know what they talked about.

5. Chelsea Kane — After Joe and Chelsea’s characters dated on Disney Channel’s Jonas back in 2009, the two got bit by the ‘lovebug’ IRL, too. However, the fact that their Disney-stemmed romance didn’t last didn’t seem to take any toll on their friendship. In 2011, Joe and Nick cheered on Chelsea while she performed on Dancing with the Stars — and even tweeted for fans to give her their vote! But, what made this ex encounter even more head-scratching? The fact that Joe was joined in the audience by Chelsea’s then-boyfriend, Laguna Beach album and One Tree Hill star Stephen Colletti. No pressure on Chelsea that night at all.

6. Camilla Belle — Who could forget Joe’s relationship with CB? She was the supposed reason why things didn’t work out between Joe & Taylor back in 2008. (“Better Than Revenge,” anyone?) However, in 2013, it was as if they were just regular old friends catching up when they bumped into each other at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. Us Weekly reported that the two had a 15-minute private chat together and even ended their run-in with a big hug! Now THAT is a solid friendship between two ex-lovers.

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7. Blanda Eggenschwiler — Okay, so this ex-encounter may have been a little less of a friendship thing… and a little more of a rekindling. At least that’s what fans thought when Joe was spotted cozying up to his 2014 flame this past April at a party at Sirens Studios in Hollywood. The two were seen talking and hugging throughout the night. The two also reportedly left together with a few other friends in tow. But they barely separated from one another the entire night! For both of their sakes, we hope that wasn’t just how they were interacting with one another as exes. Because that would be totally weird. And, moving forward, we’re pretty sure Gigi wouldn’t be very happy if Joe acted that way with Blanda today. Especially since Blanda didn’t seem very excited about Joe’s interaction with Demi that one time:

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