10 Hunter Parrish Facts That Prove KStew Always Ends Up with the Hottest Costars

Hunter Parrish Boom Pregnant

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Kristen Stewart‘s never been too hard up for a hot co-star. We’ve seen her act with hotties of such different hottie groups that we’re almost certain she has it written into her contracts that her on-screen love interests, or just general co-stars, must be drool-worthy. Either that, or she’s just a lucky lady. And her luck hasn’t run out yet, as her newest male counterpart, Hunter Parrish (Still Alice), is freaking amazing.

Notice that we didn’t only say that he’s gorgeous. Because we believe that what makes a hottie hot has to do with a full package, ya know? And we’re glad to report that Hunter appears to have that and more. To celebrate this Man Crush Monday, here are just ten reasons you’ll be crushing hard on Hunter, if you aren’t already. And if you are, allow these ten reasons to validate your fab taste in guys.

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FYI, you can catch Hunter Parrish in Still Alice starting this Friday, January 16.

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