12 Genius Hacks & Tricks to Fix Makeup Mistakes Legit Everyone Makes

Whether you’re a beauty beginner or full-out makeup pro, everyone makes mistakes. Why is it that no matter how long you’ve been doing your makeup for, things always seem to go awry at the most inconvenient moments? Late for school? Eyebrows go cray. Running out the door for your BFF’s party? Eyeliner everywhere.

We completely understand your frustration, which is why we think it’s necessary for everyone to learn how to fix their beauty uh-ohs and look the absolute best they can. Trust us when we say the following hacks & tips will literally change your makeup-loving life!

1. Instead of applying heavy eyeliner all around your eyes, soften things up but smudging the liner in and finishing things off with mascara.

2. Changing the color of your liner can make a HUGE difference, too! See how much more open her eye looks after using the brown?

3. Applying your concealer in a triangular shape will help lift, brighten and hide your dark circles.

4. Dropped your favorite powder? Don’t freak out! Here’s how you can repair it so it’s as good as new:

5. Prevent the ’90s lip-liner look by blending the color toward the center of your lips:

6. When choosing your perfect foundation, test the color against your neck, not your face. This will help you get the most seamless color match possible!

7. Smokey eyes can either look really HOT, or really messy. Click here for the seven deadly sins of smokey eyes.

8. Yikes! You got a big glob of mascara on your just-finished eye look. Don’t wipe everything off…do this instead:

9. Nothing’s worse than breaking your favorite lipstick! But don’t worry. Here’s the super-simple way to fix it:

10. Notice you always have a gap of skin between your eyeliner and lashes? Simple change the way you hold the product to stop the problem right away!

11. The easiest way to make your eyes look bigger is to grab a white eyeliner — look at the difference!

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