25 Outrageously Dirty Frozen Memes That will Rip You to Pieces

Just to give you a heads up, once you see these memes, you will NEVER be able to “let ‘em go”. Okay, okay — weak pun. But we couldn’t resist! Really though, these are the most cringe-worthy and gut-wrenching Frozen jokes you’ll (almost) wish you never saw.

What’s worse than “Let It Go” being played on replay in your head, you may ask? How about having it play on loop while these below images are branded in your mind forever. Yup, definitely can’t beat that. Scroll at your own risk:

1. These are no longer G-rated lyrics.

2. WHY?!

3. From cute song to dirty invitation, real quick.

4. We never did like Hans…

5. You tell him, girl!

6. We thought he was the good guy!

7. Whoa, he really couldn’t keep off of her!

8. Enough already!

9. Def did not need to know this:

10. How can a snowman be this horny?!?

11. OH.

12. *covers eyes*

13. They were getting a little too touchy-feely in that boat…

14. No. No. No.

15. Wow, just wow.

16. Welp there’s that.

17. Leave it to Anna to really say it like it is.

18. Does this mean what we think it means??? #Threesome.

19. Elsa, why don’t you try reading a nice book in your down time?

20. Uhmm…

21. Elsa clearly enjoyed her time as a recluse.

22. Elsa can’t be trusted alone!

23. Really great sisterly advice, Anna.

24. And now we see where that advice came from:

25. We hate to agree but…

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