Zooey Deschanel and Seth Meyers Tell Adult Scary Stories, and It’s #Accurate

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Zooey Deschanel Seth Meyers scary stories

It's Halloween season, which means horror movies and scary stories abound. But if you're a grown-up, that stuff doesn't always scare you like it did when you were a kid. You know it's not real, and to be honest it's just not that relatable. What are the odds I'm going to run into a zombie on my way to the grocery store or let a vampire into my house? Very slim. Luckily Seth Meyers understands this problem, which is why last night on Late Night he performed a bit about it.

He's been doing bits more and more often lately, and I'm a little worried he's going to turn into Fallon. But Zooey Deschanel is involved in this one so it's cool. The segment involves Seth and Zooey telling “adult scary stories.” I realize that putting “adult” in front of literally anything likely makes you think of porn, and you might be imagining sexy times between ghosts or goblins or something. But it's not that kind of “adult.” Instead, Seth and Zooey tell stories that adult humans can relate to as being scary.

You know, things like responsibilities and paying for things and taking care of your baby and hurting your back and looking really lame around your friends for not knowing that band they're talking about. Are you scared yet? Because I just peed my pants. All this segment needs is a reference to tax returns and maybe a spooky tale about vacuuming. Ahh, no, it's too scary to even talk about. I need to go hide under the covers for a while. Being a grown-up is terrifying, my friends. Why were we all so excited about it when we were kids?

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