Video: Jooey Deschanel’s Siri Ad Shows It’s Not So Cute When A Boy Acts That Way

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Hey girls! Like the Zooey Deschanel iPhone ad but wish she had an equally adorkable brother for you to fantasize about? You're in luck.

The fine folks at Funny Or Die have just released a parody ad featuring “Jooey Deschanel,” a quirky man-child who shares his sister's shaggy bangs, blue eyes, and inability to tell if it's raining. I'm not sure why he has a southern accent, but maybe they were separated at birth and he grew up in Alabama?

As the ad progresses, it becomes clear that Siri is not enjoying his company, until she requests a final bath in his bowl of tomato soup. You know you've become unhinged when you're driving inanimate objects to suicide.

Besides being generally amusing, this video highlights the fact that behavior that seems cute (to some) when a grown woman does it seems very, very wrong when exhibited by a grown man. Let's hope the state home for manic pixie dream girls will make an exception to their unisex rule and let this poor guy in.

And for those who can't get enough ZoZo, here's another dude trying to replicate the ad:

And here is the funniest blog post I've seen to date on the subject.

(Via Buzzfeed)