Zooey Deschanel Has The Best Response To Whether Otter Is A Family Name

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Zooey Deschanel Has the Best Response to Whether Otter Is a Family Name Zooey Deschanel Ellen March 2016 jpg

This week Zooey Deschanel stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to remind us that she has a baby daughter named Elsie Otter. Naturally Ellen felt the need to ask Zooey about the thought process behind such a unique name, and Zooey was a good sport about it. In fact, she even got a few jokes of her own in there, lest you were worried she’d be stuck up about naming her daughter after a cuddly sea creature. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s physically impossible for Zooey Deschanel to be stuck up about anything.

Zooey has already explained that there really wasn’t any deep, meaningful reason that she and her husband Jacob Pechenik chose to give their daughter the middle name Otter, other than the fact that they both like otters and think they’re smart, sweet animals who hold hands while they sleep and dammit who wouldn’t want their child associated with such adorableness? Despite this explanation, Ellen still asked Zooey whether or not Otter is a family name, and Zooey had the best response. She deadpanned, “In the sense that we’re all mammals.” Then she threw her head back and giggled, as she should, because that was pretty great.

Ellen and Zooey then spend the rest of the interview talking about otters, photoshopping Zooey’s face onto a picture of an otter, and suggesting that if any other kids out there have the name Otter, they can be best friends with Elsie and hang out with Zooey Deschanel. They should have been a little more careful about that. You know some quirky, bangs-wearing, Zooey-obsessed girl is going to get herself pregnant and then name the kid Otter to get closer to her idol. It’s going to be all over the news nine months from now, just you wait.