17 Suggestions For What Zooey Deschanel Should Name Her Baby Daughter

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Congratulations to Zooey Deschanel, who not only got secretly married to Jacob Pechenik, but gave birth to a baby girl who I’m sure was born with a full set of bangs. The couple hasn’t yet revealed what they named their daughter, which means we get to have oodles of fun speculating about it.

What would adorkable lady Zooey Deschanel name her firstborn daughter? Considering her own name came from J.D. Salinger’s novella Franny and Zooey, she’s got a lot of quirkiness to live up to. In case she’s having a hard time choosing, I put together a list of my top choices.

1. Franny

This is the most obvious one, kind of like suggesting that Kim Kardashian’s second child be named South. But when you’re presented with the opportunity to have the cutest mother-daughter names in history, why pass it up?

2. Kale

This one was suggested by fellow writer Sara Steinfeld, and I gotta say it’s a solid choice. Blake Lively didn’t take it, so why not?

3. Aesthetic

It just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

4. Irony

Zooey naming her child Irony would be, like, so ironic. Wouldn’t it? Kind of? I don’t think the world knows what irony means anymore, to be honest.

5. Wendy

Zooey is a fan of Peter Pan collars, so why not pay tribute to that story with her daughter’s name? I have to admit, I find this legitimately adorable.

6. Indie

Of course, she’ll run the risk of being associated with Indiana Jones, but I guess there are worse things.

7. Top Knot

The more I say this one out loud, the more I like it.

8. Pumpkin Spice

…and everything nice.

9. Katy

You know how everyone thinks Zooey and Katy Perry look alike?

10. Polka Dot

I’m really loving the two-word names on this list, not gonna lie.

11. Chantilly

Everyone will be like, “Oh, like the lace?” And Zooey will be like, “No. Why does everyone always ask that?”

12. Pearl

This is my second favorite, after Wendy. It just feels right.

13. Pinterest

You knew it was coming.

14. Sepia

Ah, so vintage.

15. Wayfarer

She’ll be the coolest kid in preschool.

16. Strawberry

I feel like it’s been long enough since Gwyneth named her daughter Apple that this would be acceptable.

17. Birkin

As in Jane Birkin. As in bangs icon Jane Birkin. And no, she can’t just name her Jane. Then no one would know the reference.