Zoe Saldana Uses Her Ice Bucket Challenge Video To Confirm She’s Pregnant

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Zoe Saldana pregnancy announcement August 2014

We're getting closer and closer to every celebrity in Hollywood participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It's gotten to the point where they're using it to multitask. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner used it to encourage everyone they're happy and adorable, while Amy Schumer used it to be hilarious. And now Zoe Saldana has used it to announce her pregnancy. Hey, when you already have everybody's attention anyway, why not?

It's not that we didn't suspect Zoe of having a bun in the oven. It's just that she hadn't confirmed it before. There have been reports that she's expecting since last month, and there was even one that claimed she was pregnant with twins. Zoe didn't elaborate on exactly how many babies she's carrying in there, but at least we can finally officially add her to our list of “celebrities pregnant with humans who will be more attractive than us.”

So how did she break the news? By politely passing the challenge on to her husband Marco Perego, with the explanation that she “obviously” can't do it herself, a statement she accents by turning to the side and rubbing her belly. A belly which appears to possess a baby bump! She doesn't actually say “I'm pregnant,” but if you can think of another reason she has a tummy like that and wouldn't want ice water dumped on her head, by all means let me know. The only alternative I can think of is that she had a big lunch and thinks that whole “wait an hour before swimming” rule applies to this as well. But I'm gonna go ahead and assume she's just pregnant. And yes, if you're wondering, her husband still has that messy man bun. He rocks a better one than Leo, that's for sure.