Zimbabwe President Denounces Rory

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Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has spoken outwardly against the character of Rory Gilmore in the past season. Apparently, he is quite adamant against some of her actions.

“I’m very disappointed in some of the decisions Rory has been making over the past season,” Mugabe told foreign journalists in Harare. “Rory is an intelligent and sophisticated young woman. However, her knee-jerk reaction to the suggestion by Logan’s father that she may not have all it takes to be a great journalist offers insight into a darker, immature side of her nature. When she skipped off and stole a yacht with that rich jerk from Yale, she broke my heart.” brainsnap

Seriously – is it truly a political matter what a character does on TV? Oh the plus side, it does look as though President Mugabe is a fervent fan of The Gilmore Girls. He’s invested enough emotional attachment into the show to speculate that her perfect childhood has made adulthood difficult, and that he also dislikes Taylor. But, every town needs a busybody, is my opinion.

“In my country, we have ways of dealing with the likes of Taylor,” he warned… Enough is enough, says Mugabe.”I would hold the pistol and execute him myself. That is how such people should be dealt with.”


Ok, yes. Indeed it is a farce. But it had me interested, so I decided to post it here. brainsnap writers are very creative!