The Hot Men Of Zero Dark Thirty

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Zero Dark ThirtyThere's nothing better than awards season, ya'll. The best movies of the year are flooding the theaters generating Oscar buzz, and they're full to the brim with the most talented, famous…and super hot actors available. Uh, yeah, I said it! While the rest of you are pretending to watch the movies with an editor's eye, I'm ogling some fine pieces of man-meant. Don't pretend you aren't! Because you should be! Take for example Zero Dark Thirty. Great movie, right? Incredible director, strong script, intense acting. Sure, it's got some dark subject matter, but the people handling it are seriously good-looking, so don't get too down in the dumps!

Chris Pratt Zero Dark Thirty hotDid you catch the fact that one of the guys on SEAL Team Six was Chris Pratt? Yeah, Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation. He's never struck me as a particular hottie before, but he took this role super seriously. He lost a ton of weight for the role, and there was nothing Dwyer-esque about his ZDT bod. Take a look at this shirtless selfie he snapped:

Chris Pratt hot Zero Dark ThirtyUmmm helloooo? Let's definitely try to work that into the sequel. Or the spinoff. I can't believe he wasn't shirtless for the movie, cause those are some abs, ladies. Fares Fares Zero Dark Thirty hotAs Hakim, Fares Fares brought a new meaning to tall, dark, and handsome. He's a Swedish actor born in Lebanon, but now that we've glimpsed him in America, good luck getting us to let him go!  Kyle Chandler Jason Clarke Zero Dark Thirty hotOh heyyy fellas! Kyle Chandler and Jason Clarke both play CIA operatives, and we're both a major distraction onscreen. Look how dreamy they are! Kyle's character Joseph Bradley left some things to be desired as far as his attitude at work in the movie, but it's just a testament to his acting that he was able to rub us the wrong way. Plus, how can you stay mad when he flashes those dimples? He's adorable. And Jason, an Australian actor who we're newly obsessed with, is not only effing gorgeous, but also good at his job in the film, so you can lust over him guilt-free.

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(Image: Brian To / WENN.com)

Some tasty Joel Edgerton man candy. Another attractively scruffy Australian actor, except this one is on SEAL Team Six with the deliciously ripped Chris Pratt. And in case you didn't get enough of him in Zero Dark Thirty, he has three movies currently in post-production, so you'll be sure to get your fix.

nbc universal press tour 240712(Image: WENN.com)

Oh my goodness, be still my beating heart, it's Taylor Kinney. I just…that stare. That scruff. Those smoldering eyes. I can't handle it. I'm hoping that this movie is exactly the boost that Taylor needs to go from TV to movies, because if you ask me, that is one under-utilized face.

cff palme d or 2 230511(Image: Ian Wilson / WENN.com)

And rounding out our team of astonishingly attractive gentlemen, we have one Edgar Ramirez. He plays Larry from Ground Branch and oh my goodness look at those sparkly eyes and appealing dusting of facial hair. He cleans up real nice.

Hopefully you've seen the film a couple times over by now, but if you haven't, what are you waiting for? Run down to the theater, plop your butt in a seat, and allow your senses to be overwhelmed…with the supreme hotness of these gentlemen. Personally, we can't wait to see how they clean up at the Oscars. Literally and figuratively. I love a CIA operative in a tux. There's just something about a man in uniform.

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