5 Facts About Zendaya That We Learned During Our Live Chat With Her!

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Zendaya Kiss

Yesterday we chatted live with Zendaya and her fans on Facebook. And it was obviously incredible and amazing and everything we dreamed it would be. Even though we already knew a lot about the Shake It Up star, we were impressed by how much more we learned during the live chat. Almost as impressed as we were with her debut album earlier this year. Seriously, listen to it (on repeat) if you haven't already.

Check out the out the five best things that Zendaya shared with us!

1. She doesn't play favorites when it comes to her talents.

Zendaya Singing


When one of her fans asked her if she preferred to dance or sing, and Zendaya responded that she loves to do both, equally.

2. She's tight with her family.

Zendaya Heart


While she's known for being onscreen best friends with Bella Thorne on Shake It Up, Zendaya let us know that her real life BFF is none other than her niece. Family first!

3. She's home schooled.

Zendaya Wooh


She's quite busy, so she goes to high school from home. She even told us that she needed to go finish up her homework after the chat was over!

4. She's Team iPhone.

Zendaya Music Video


In the eternal iPhone vs. Android battle, Zendaya says that she's a supporter of the iPhone. Me too, but that's only because I couldn't imagine a life without Emoji.

5. She's a vegetarian.

Zendaya Laugh


We learned that she's a vegetarian and, when a fan asked her why, she responded that she made the choice mostly because of animals rights issues. Aw!

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