Zayn Malik Broke The Bro Code, So Joe Jonas Deleted Him From His #Squad

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Zayn Malik Broke the Bro Code  So Joe Jonas Deleted Him From His  Squad Joe Jonas wow gif


If you’re not up to date on today’s most famous youngsters, the title of this post might have you scratching your head and/or preparing a speech about how when you were a kid you didn’t have hashtags and had to walk to school in the snow uphill both ways. Allow me to enlighten you.

Recently Joe Jonas, he of the now-defunct Jonas Brothers, broke up with model Gigi Hadid, she of Taylor Swift’s traveling circus of leggy women. That was less than a month ago. Now Gigi has reportedly already moved on to Zayn Malik, the guy who used to be in One Direction but now spends most of his time changing his hair color and engaging in Twitter wars.

Another one of those aforementioned Twitter wars may be on the horizon, if Joe’s recent social media behavior is any indication. Back in June, Joe and Zayn got along well enough that Joe posted a Twitter photo of the two of them sitting side-by-side at a fashion show alongside Kanye West and captioned it “#SQUAD.” But now that Zayn broke the bro code and hooked up with Joe’s ex, the photo has mysteriously disappeared, with poor Kanye an innocent casualty.

But that’s not all. TMZ reports that Joe unfollowed Gigi on Instagram, which means he’ll no longer see her blowing kisses to the camera and hanging out with Kendall Jenner backstage at fashion shows. According to HollywoodLife, he also apparently unfollowed both Gigi and Zayn on Twitter. Remember the good old days when you had to be passive-aggressive to someone’s face? It’s a whole new world now.

Maybe Joe should take some cues from his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift (meeeemories), who allowed both him and Gigi to remain in her #squad even while they were dating. Maybe Joe, Zayn and Gigi just need to take a London boat ride together and resolve their differences.