Zayn Malik Put A Picture Of Gigi Hadid On His Instagram, So They’re Official I Guess

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Zayn Malik Put a Picture of Gigi Hadid on His Instagram  So They re Official I Guess Zayn Gigi jpg

After going almost a full month with no official confirmation that Zayn Malik is indeed dating Gigi Hadid, we now know without any shadow of a doubt that…they took a picture together.  Ok, so it’s not the declaration of love many were hoping for, but it’s something. The two do look pretty close in the black and white picture Zayn posted on his Instagram yesterday. Since we’re apparently taking Instagram pictures as gospel now, many see this as proof the two are definitely together.

The Gigi and Zayn dating rumors first started late November when they were seen together at Justin Bieber‘s American Music Awards after party. At the time, sources told E!, “They are just friends and are casually hanging out. [Gigi] is not looking to jump into another relationship so soon.” The relationship Gigi had just gotten out of was with none other than former member of Zayn’s #squad Joe Jonas. So she may have not been actively looking for another relationship, but who could possibly resist Zayn and his ever-changing hair colors?

Hollywood Life says the relationship is going strong for now with a source telling the site, “When they’re not together, Zayn texts her and she can’t wait to text back, and they’re always communicating 24/7. Everyone thinks Gigi should enjoy being single, and not throw herself into relationship after relationship, but she’s blissfully happy for the moment and ignoring what her friends say.”  Soon after Zayn posted the Instagram photo, Gigi was seen visiting Zayn’s home in London, so the romance could be counted as official on two continents.

For now, we wait for Gigi to take the plunge and put a picture of Zayn on her Instagram. Then we can really know their love is real.

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