AC Slater and Zack Morris Hung out and Zack Is Totally Trying to Take Slater’s Wife

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar And Fred Savage On "Extra"

Before there was Team Edward or Team Jacob, there was Team Zack or Team Slater. You were either one or the other, and no one was Team Screech (sorry, Screech!). I was always Team Zack even though I knew he sometimes did some bad shit (remember when he freaked out on his blind date because she was in a wheelchair? WTF, dude.) — he was so cute and I'm a sucker for a (spray paint) blonde.

If you're an uber-fan of the show like I am, you know that four of them are still pretty tight IRL (all except for Lark Voorhies, who seems to be struggling with mental illness, and Dustin Diamond, who's just struggling with life). In fact, I follow them all on social media and they are always commenting on each other's cute family photos — it's really sweet.

Mario Lopez interviewed Mark-Paul Gosselaar this week in anticipation of his new show, Truth Be Told, and they took some really cute Insta photos together. It's super refreshing to see how well-adjusted and happy these two, as well as Tiffani Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkley, turned out, given how many child stars find a difficult path as they grow up.

Anyway, here's the cute snap of the pair. Apparently, Mario's wife Courtney is also Team Zack! But I'd say she didn't do so bad for herself!



(Photo: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)