This Adorable Zachary Quinto Q&A Sesh Is The Only Thing Better Than A 4-Day Week

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Zachary Quinto Tumblr Interview Jimmy Fallon

As if a four-day week wasn't enough to start your week off on the right note, check out this super cute Zachary Quinto video from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It's just him, a camera and some questions from Tumblr fans who wanted to get to know him a little bit better. Even though I'm not a Star Trek fan and even though he gave me nightmares during the second season of American Horror Story, I can't help but be in love with him. He's just another one of those guys that seems to have no idea that he's wildly charming. In fact, I'd put him on the same shelf as Andrew Garfield and Josh Hutcherson and a puppy in pajamas. 

While we don't learn enough from this short ‘lil Q&A to write an unauthorized copy of his biography, we do learn a few new fun facts that will impress everyone. And everyone, in this context, only includes fellow celebri-stalker friends who don't judge you for the fact that IMDB.com is your homepage. Such as the fact that if he could work with anyone, it would be Oprah and Meryl Streep. Why two answers for one question? Well he wasn't sure if the question was regarding general work or movie work. And therefore he gave two answers. He'd (obviously) work with Oprah to build a house and he'd (duh) work with Meryl Streep to make a movie.

I wish more actors would clarify their answers since that question gets asked a lot. Now I'm going back and thinking about all the actors who said they wanted to work with people like Jennifer Lawrence, Joey Lawrence and D.H Lawrence and wondering whether they meant house-work or movie-work. It certainly gives me something to think about today — in addition to thinking about my own house/movie answers. Just kidding, obviously the answer would be Jelena for house work and Zenon (Girl of the 21st Century) for movie work.