Here Is A Heartwarming Short Film About How Zachary Quinto Adopted His Dog

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Do you like cute puppies and cute Zachary Quintos? Then you will almost definitely love the following short film.

“Presented” by the new kitten/puppy porn site Petsami and based loosely on how Zachary got his own rescue dog  “Dog Eat Dog” follows the story of one terrifying serial killer nice young dog lover as he tries to adopt the dog of his dreams, whom he has already named Rizzo. The only problem? An old man wants Rizzo too, and there is going to be some sort of lottery to see who gets him. (Is this a real thing that happens?? I thought most dog shelters were very “first approved, first served” about this kind of thing.)

Zachary is clearly ready for Rizzo; he has bought lots of dog things with Rizzo's name on them and stared wistfully at the people having tons of fun with their pets at the dog park. But alas, it was not meant to be. The old man has brought a bunch of his old friends to rig the old lottery, and he walks out with him. Unfair!

But wait, what's that? There is another cute dog at the pound whom he can name Rizzo and lavish attention on? How wonderful! And what a lucky dog to get an owner who is so simultaneously creepy and attractive. (Sorry, I have yet to shake Quinto's American Horror Story character from my head.)

Moral of the story: there are tons of dogs who need to be adopted, and you should keep an open mind. Also, Zachary Quinto is a delight.

(Via Petsami)