Zach Quinto Gives Great Response To A Question About Star Trek Fan Fic, I’d Give It 2 Out Of 2 Eyebrows

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Zach Quinto Gives Great Response To A Question About Star Trek Fan Fic  I d Give It 2 Out Of 2 Eyebrows tumblr gif

Zachary Quinto recently spoke at a fan event in Canada and answered an audience member’s slightly awkward question about Star Trek fan fiction perfectly. In case you’re unfamiliar with fan fiction, stay that way. Remain innocent. Do not click. Because once you got here, you can’t go back. Learn from my mistakes. From the excerpts I still haven’t recovered from. One hour spent browsing fan fiction results in many hours of your brain browsing the worst possible content for your nightmares.Think Miley Cyrus’ VMAs performance, but with less twerking and more inserting. In weird places.

While I’ve never looked at the Kirk/Spock Star Trek fan fiction that’s supposedly out there, I’m going to guess it’s graphic. From what I can gather, Zachary Quinto insulted this very fan fiction back in July and basically said the people who write it have no lives. Which people obviously took offensive too because they do have lives — they just choose to spend them differently than he does. Even though I personally do not “get” fan fiction, it always rubs me the wrong way when actors insult their fandom. After all, it’s these superfans that keep them in power. (Looking at your R.Pattz.)

ZQ fixed that mistake this weekend by addressing what he said in July with humor and grace. (Is my crush showing?)

“I’m glad you asked, when I was in Ireland I was giving an interview and someone asked me and I said something that some people misinterpreted as disrespectful, so I’d like to say here or the record that I mean no disrespect to people who either write or read fan fiction. I have absolutely no interest in it, it doesn’t interest me, um, I understand how it interests other people, I respect their desire to be interested in it. Um, I think both Kirk and Spock and definitely me and Chris are only good friends. Any suggestion otherwise has more to say about the person making that suggestion than it does about the character’s lives.”

Boom. How do you like that honesty? He manages to make up for what he said in July without doing a complete 360 and put the kibosh any rumors out there that he’s hooking up with Chris Pine. In a world that’s filled with celebrities constantly backtracking to please people, it’s nice to see someone who stands by what he says without being a total a-hole about it.

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