Zachary Quinto Just Gave Us The First Reason To Watch Girls Since Hannah’s Q-Tip Incident Drove Us Away

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Zachary Quinto Laughing

It's no secret that HBO's Girls hasn't exactly been worthy of watching since around early in its second season, but that's all about to change. Because, according to the show's creator/writer/director/star/great aunt (pronounced like “ant”) twice removed, Lena Dunham, there's a good chance that Zachary Quinto will be naked during his guest stint next season.

If you could, please assure me that you were able to stop your eyes from fluttering right out of your head to the heavens in a spat of glee. But if you weren't able to, I'd totally understand. Because that's faaantastic news. Basically, I'd watch security footage of a troupe of suburban moms in '80s jeans grocery shop for two days straight if Zach were guaranteed to pop in for a nude interlude. And watching Lennah Horvham get foreign objects stuck in her ears and whine for an hour about everything under the moon and stars will be only marginally worse than that. So, I think I'll be able to deal.

The only thing is that goddamn Lena won't confirm anything just yet. When E! asked if Zach would be among the long list of actors who can say that they'd stripped for the Girls camera crew, Lena stepped in as the show's best PR person ever.

“I mean, it's Girls, so you can assume what you will. I also want to see him naked—that's all you need to know for now.”

I'm guessing this coyness is in the interest of “maintaining ratings” and “ensuring her livelihood” or whatever. But goodness, lady, way to string us along in this web of hope! Or, more likely, way to ensure that millions of us will be grudgingly tuned into Zach's episode with wishful thoughts in our hearts and other, un-Duggar thoughts elsewhere.

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