Trust Zachary Quinto To Bitchslap Donald Trump Over Twitter

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Zachary Quinto Donald Trump tweet Obama bitchslap yes Brian Williams

We've already discussed what a tool Donald Trump was on Election Day, tweeting about how Barack Obama being re-elected would be a “tragic injustice” and that “the world is laughing at us.” Of course, he deleted the worst of his tweets once Obama won the election, but thanks to Google Cache we will never forget! But since we're all just lowly peons who huddle in the lobby of Trump Tower when it's raining and we forgot our umbrellas, we can't be the ones to give him what-for for his inappropriate tweets. Thankfully, there are plenty of celebrities who have no such qualms!

I always imagine Hollywood as being like a higher-stakes version of the high school cafeteria. You have to navigate alliances and always be pleasant to everyone for fear that if you don't, you'll invariably have to work with that person someday and they'll screw you over. But I'm heartened to see that when it comes to politics, famous folks will be just as opinionated as their regular counterparts and won't let their peers get away with bullshit.

Yesterday, Brian Williams slammed The Donald even though they both work for NBC, Brian as a news anchor and Trump with The Apprentice. But then last night Zachary Quinto decided to crack his knuckles and join the fight:

Zachary Quinto Donald Trump tweet Obama The Apprentice ratings Brian Williams

I love that he hits The Donald where it hurts—going after him about money. Trump hasn't responded to Zachary yet, but he did strike back at Brian Williams yesterday. He taunted the NBC anchor with ridiculous claims about how Celebrity Apprentice was beating Rock Center in the ratings, and how he'd picked up 70,000 Twitter followers in one day. But the truth is, Celebrity Apprentice‘s most recent season finale this past spring was down 27% from last year, after suffering in the ratings for the weeks leading up to it. The only reason it did well, one might guess, is because it was over!

And as for all those Twitter followers? Likely they followed Trump so they could be first on-hand for the next time he shoots his mouth off.

Photo: @ZacharyQuinto