Valid Question Of The Day: Does Beyonce Hate Zachary Quinto Because She’s Pregnant?

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Sorry someone had to put that question into a headline today because it's on everyone's minds. After watching Chelsea Handler harass-aview Star Trek Into the Darkness star Zachary Quinto on her show last night, I can't stop thinking about what he told her (and us) about his recent Beyonce concert experience. Mostly because it makes no sense.

So to give you a quick rundown, here's what happened. Zachary Quinto went to go see Beyonce in concert recently on her Mrs. Carter tour. He enjoyed it a lot because she's so incredibly talented. And also because he's gay, according to the always charming Chelsea Handler who feels the need to screech this aloud about 9 times over. (Sidenote: was Chelsea Handler always this horrid? I remember really liking her at one point and now I just find her to be so obnoxious. I guess her insult interview method worked for me years ago, but now I just find it distracting and ugh.) Anyway, after the show Zach found out that his castmate Zoe Saldana also saw the show…as well as the after show which took place backstage with Blue Ivy. Naturally he got offended because Beyonce did not extend any such invitation to him.

As someone who still loves Zachary Quinto after seeing him play a skin-peeling maniac on American Horror Story this past season, I don't understand why Beyonce would shaft him like that. I mean, the only legitimate reason would be if she's pregnant. Which is looking more and more to be the case now that we know this story. Only someone with raging hormones would forgot to invite Z.Q backstage.

Also, quick question, do hormones rage when you're pregnant — or is that only in the movies. I sadly get 95% of my pregnancy knowledge from movie montages so my facts might not be spot-on. For example, I think women commonly find out they're pregnant after the following exchange:

Pregnant Lady exits a bathroom stall at work after loudly throwing up.

Co-worker: are you feeling okay?

Pregnant Lady: I don't know Ruth, I'm just so tired lately and I can't keep anything down. I guess I should go to the doctor.

Co-worker: are you….?

Pregnant Lady: No…welll….I haven't had my period for 6 months…I just thought…OH GOD. He's married! And I'm supposed to be infertile.

So yeah, I might not be the best person to be calling Beyonce pregnant, but I'll still do it. You heard it here first-ish. (Are other people talking about this?) Beyonce's having another baby between now and 2017!